Las Vegas In The Movies

Glamour is a very persuasive thing. The mere word conjures up images in our minds, although the images are probably not the same in every mind. For many of us, however, the word is synonymous with “glitz”. Glitz and glamour are two words that come right to mind when thinking of Las Vegas, and also when thinking of Hollywood. And there has definitely been a link between the two places over the years, because of all the films made in Hollywood, a huge number have been set in Las Vegas.

Variety of Place

Film-makers will always want to capture Las Vegas – the good and the bad, the seedy underbelly and the high-life all at the same time. Viewers will always want to see it, too. There is no better place to document the story of an individual who suffers a messy fall from grace than a city which prides itself on offering the best of everything, but can easily leave the arrogant without a penny to their name. The Las Vegas strip has left many an individual regretting their hubris – and it makes for a hell of a story.

Famous Films

The link between Hollywood and Las Vegas, therefore, is easy to explain and understand. The range and number of films it has given us is truly something to behold. Whether Vegas is the backdrop for the story – as has been the case in films such as Rain Man and Honey I Blew Up The Kid – or something of a central character, integral to the plot, it has been there in countless films (good and bad) since time immemorial.

Nicolas Cage may have particular reason to thank the reputation of the Vegas strip, as two of the films which launched his career in the 90s were not only set in Las Vegas, but actually had the city as an eponymous feature. The wildly differing movies – Honeymoon in Vegas and the much darker Leaving Las Vegas – are among the first two any movie fan will name when asked about Cage’s career. In its own way, the city also had an effect on the career of Elvis Presley – with the film and the song (taken from the soundtrack) Viva Las Vegas being among his best known.

Casinos As Stars

Its in unsurprising that so many of the films seem to be set either in or around the Las Vegas casinos. After all, it is for the gambling and attendant nightlife that most people know Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven (both the original and the 21st Century remake), as well as its sequels, all have Vegas to thank for a setting and the films’ general feel. For any movie buff, a Las Vegas holiday is rich in celluloid history. The casinos, the Strip itself and the rest of the Vegas skyline are known to many who have never been there before.

For all of the reasons above, and more, the link between Tinseltown and Sin City is one that doesn’t look like being broken any time soon.

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